According to the resource Thinknum, a while ago, Apple started to expand the staff of designers. There is speculation that it is connected with the imminent departure of Jonathan Ive as the chief designer of Apple company.

According to reports, since the beginning of this year kupertinovtsy increase the number of vacancies in command of industrial design more than two times, from 270 in January to about 580 at the end of July.

It is noteworthy that in the past Apple has never so quickly did not increase the number of vacancies for the particular Department. Even the rapidly developing field of virtual and augmented reality is not “growing” so quickly.

Exactly why the company needed new designers, is difficult to say. At this stage many associate the opening of a large number of “designer” vacancies with two factors. First, with the departure of Jonathan Ive, and secondly, with the desire of Apple to attract to their side professionals who will be able to generate new ideas and are atypical for the company trip to the design.


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