The sudden decision.

Chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri said during the report of the last brand record financial quarterthat the company won’t disclose exact data on the quantitative sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Maestri did not specify the reason why Apple made this decision, but investors reacted to it immediately — the company’s shares fell by nearly 7%.

Experts suggest that Apple has chosen not to disclose the exact number of sold iPhone, iPad and Mac due to falling device sales. Revenue and net profit of Apple is growing each quarter, but sales of the devices in terms of quantity decrease. For example, this past quarter, which was a record for Apple, the company sold fewer iPads and Macs than a year earlier.

Apple’s decision to make an assessment of sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac is much more challenging. Learn about how to successfully sell your Apple device will only from the reports of third-party Analytics companies.

Investors are extremely pleased the new Apple solution. After the publication of the financial report of the company’s shares fell by nearly 7%. Analysts believe that the stock drop is temporary as the financial report showed that Apple continues steady growth.


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