The Russian application for mobile phones running with Crimea, continue to face challenges when placed in the App Store. In addition to applications for rental housing, were targeted in the city directory “Ogorod”, which received investments of the state Fund of development of Internet initiatives (fdii). This was reported by “Kommersant”.

Mobile application “Ogorod” combines local guide, a poster and a forum for the residents of the cities of Russia and CIS countries. In the App Store app was blocked 6 October, told the founder and CEO of “Ogorod” Dmitry Begovatov. Apple, in turn, informed the developer that the App Store may not post, distribute and to deal with specific applications or developers that are associated with countries under United States embargo. Also, the Corporation recommended to contact on this issue to the U.S. Treasury.

The response of the Department to the developer said that Russia is not among the countries under the “comprehensive” sanctions by the U.S., and that American business can work to limit Russian companies only if the latter is associated with individuals from the sanctions list.

The U.S. Treasury did not assess the actions of Apple, concluding that the business will carry out the risk assessments and may decide not to cooperate with the companies “with separate areas.”

Begovatov sent a response to the American office to Apple, after which the mobile application “Ogorod” have been released in the App Store, but updates do not pass the validation stage. The developer said that to clarify the reasons for the delay were directed appeal, but the answer at the moment is not received. Begovatov believes that the decision of the Corporation due to the fact that My city is working with the cities of the Crimea.

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