Apple is confident that its headquarters costs $200На last week the price of Apple has exceeded $1 trillion. But, the more valued a company is, the more tax deductions she has to pay.

In order to evade the payment of large taxes, Apple has rated their headquarters Apple Park $200.

The position of the leadership of the company is always exemplary. So, in an open letter for 2016 (just in time for the “Irish scandal”), Tim cook wrote the following:

In whatever country we were not working, Apple always adheres to the law. We pay all taxes that are required to pay.

And out really the following. The state officials who determine the value of the property of Apple, regularly receive appeals. To date, the number of such complaints reached 489. And the amount contested by the company, is $8.5 billion

There was a case when the property which was estimated at $384 million tax experts Apple was only appraised at $200. Would buy Apple Park for the same amount, but since he is not for sale.


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