At the moment, Apple already has a few services running on subscription. For this reason, the cupertinos are considering the possibility of providing access to multiple services in a single package with a fixed price. This publication reports the Financial Times.

According to reports, Apple is currently negotiating with representatives of record labels about launching a single subscription. According to the Financial Times such an idea is not like all. Some believe that the launch of a single subscription to multiple services can lead to reduction in the number listen to the tracks and, consequently, reduce net profit.

At this stage, to talk about the cost of such a proposal is premature. In fact, now discussed only the “composition” of the proposal. It is likely that the first time in a single subscription will get only Apple Music and Apple TV+. Pricing formula, the parties have not yet discussed.

It should be noted that some companies already offer a single subscription for its services. For example, in the past this way went Amazon. On the one hand it reduced the profit, but greatly increased the popularity of all services of the Internet giant.


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