Waiting for the launch during the year.

In 2019, Apple may launch a new unusual service. According to the forecast of authoritative analysts of Morgan Stanley, Apple could produce a single subscription to the “media package”, which will include Apple Music, a new streaming TV service and news service. The single subscription will allow customers to save Apple, and the company is to attract more users to their services.

In 2019, Apple will launch several new services, this recently straight text said the head of the company Tim cook. Analysts believe that the speech just goes about a new streaming TV service and service with a paid subscription to the news.

Apple’s customers will be offered as a traditional way to subscribe to each service separately and to issue a single subscription to new services and Apple Music, believe in Morgan Stanley. Subscribe to “media package” approach for the most active owners of Apple devices who used to use all the products of the company.

The total subscription for three of the service will give customers the opportunity to save money. Apple is due to increase subscriber base in all the services and work. Moreover, according to analysts, the launch of such a common subscription plan will allow Apple to return to the peak level of capitalization of the sample of October 2018, even if iPhone sales moderate.

It is expected that Apple will introduce new services on one of the following presentations. It is possible that the announcement could take place at the March company presentation.

Source: CNBC.


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