On the Apple website there was a separate page which lists the value of the iPhone in the sphere of privacy and the environment. Until that promo page is available in German only, but will soon appear on other, reports 9to5Mac.

In new ad, Apple says that the iPhone is more than just a phone. The company has identified several items that distinguish iPhone from the competition:

  • Recycling and disposal.
  • Confidentiality and privacy.
  • Concern about the environment.
  • Renewable energy.

Unlike previous campaigns, in that great attention is paid to the influence of the iPhone on the environment. For example, one of the points Apple explains why iMessage helps nature.

Every time you send a message through iMessage, you help us reach our goal of a future in which everything runs on renewable energy. Our centers are currently working with the help of solar, hydropower and wind power or natural gas.

Apple long ago to care about the environment. On Earth Day, 2018, the company introduced a robot Daisy, who is engaged in recycling of old equipment by extracting from it valuable materials.

Privacy is also one of the advantages of Apple technology. 11.4.1 in iOS, Apple has complicated the work of hackers who hack the iPhone. Starting with this version, the Lightning connector is disabled if the device was not unlocked in the last hour.


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