Some time ago Apple filed in the Bureau of patents and trademarks United States patent application, which describes a special system of protection for smart glasses. The latter should protect the gadget in the fall.

Normally, the lenses in the smart glasses will be close enough to the screen of the gadget, and if the device is dropped, they can break themselves or damage the displays. To prevent this, Apple engineers suggest using a special system.

If built into eyeglasses sensors will detect that the device is in “free fall”, the optical system is automatically placed in defense mode. In this lens will be moved away from the displays to the maximum possible distance, and the space between the elements can be filled with air, fluid or soft separator to further soften the blow.

New Apple’s patent application is another proof of the fact that the cupertinos very interesting mobile AR and VR devices. However, when exactly the company will release this gadget still remains a mystery.


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