All of a sudden.

Apple still leads an active work on creation of own electric car, announced the publication Manager Magazin, citing reliable sources. The company changed its plans and updated the command unit, which deals with the development of electric drone. According to the updated Apple’s plans, the company is developing an electric van.

Apple developed the first prototypes of the electric van. The car is made of “typical industrial design of the iPhone” in two colors: black and silver. In addition to creating prototypes van in the Apple develop its own batteries, motors, special seats and interior components.

New information from the publication Magazin does not converge with the recent publication of The Wall Street journal. Informed sources told the publication that Apple, by contrast, shifted the focus from developing its own electric vehicle in the software.

It is not excluded that Apple is developing an electric van for use within the company. According to the experts, a van with a system of Autonomous control can be used as a Shuttle for employees.

Source: Manager Magazin.


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