The company has been noticed that technology.

In the fall of 2018, Samsung presented its advanced development — display with a hole, which houses the front camera and various sensors. As it turned out, Apple also has similar technology in mind. Of the last patent of the company was aware that Apple worked out the project of the iPhone with a hole for the front camera.

As emphasized found the patent experts, not Apple stole the idea from Samsung. Though the patent was published only in November, Apple filed an application for its registration in early summer 2018. Thus, Apple has already developed a concept for an iPhone with a “leaky” display.

In the patent Apple States that this technology can be used for all devices of the company. Document specifically describes the use of technology in the smart hours Apple Watch. It is possible that in the plans, Apple is equipping the Apple Watch next generation with their own camera that will not stick out from the body just the same due to its location in the hole.

If Apple is already planning to use the patented technology in the coming years is currently unknown. It is expected that iPhone sample 2019 does not change much compared to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max in terms of design. So this is unusual for Apple smartphones technology could be an interesting “trick” for consumers.

Source: LGD.


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