Rumors that Apple plans to launch a new service with video content appeared online more than two years ago. During this time kupertinovtsy attracted to its ranks many specialists – from writers to Directors. However, just the other day Tim cook officially confirmed work on a new service.

The head of Apple, the company did not say what specifically the project will be launched this year. However, judging by indirect data, we are talking about the long-awaited service with movies and TV shows. It hints at the imminent release of TVs with support for iTunes and AirPlay 2. Last within CES 2019 announced by Samsung.

According to earlier data, access to the service can be obtained by filling in a special subscription. While it is likely that some users will be able to watch movies and TV shows for free. But such a proposal is likely to be available only to owners of Apple devices.

We can assume that the first new Apple service will be focused on “native” for the Apple market. Therefore, it is likely that the first to try something new it residents of the United States.


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