Apple long enough to support your devices. However, after a certain period of time cupertinos start to push users to upgrade to something newer. One such way can be considered a ban on the use of Apple Online Store on older versions of OS X.

Today, the network appeared information about the fact that Apple decided to prevent owners of devices that are running OS X 10.10.5 below with Safari 10.1.2 below, access to my online store. When you try to sign in the Apple Online Store users will see a message asking you to update your browser or contact the store representatives on the phone.

According to reports, bypassed this restriction is easy enough. To do this, users need to use one of the third-party browsers. There is speculation that Apple’s decision to restrict access to the Apple Online Store, due primarily with a low prevalence of outdated versions of OS X and Safari. Apparently cupertinos just don’t want to adapt your store on unpopular clients.

It should be noted that such a walk by many companies. Similar prompts to update the system or the browser often get the owners of computers based on Windows XP and Vista.


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