Apple continues to show interest in Autonomous vehicles and a new report claims that the company is negotiating the purchase

The official information is missing, but The Information says that Apple intends to acquire to strengthen the existing program of Autonomous driving. Mostly Apple, it seems, is interested in talented staff that can complement the workforce and to contribute to the fastest possible deployment of ongoing projects.

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About how much money Apple is going to pay data is not available, but the publication specifies that two years ago was estimated at $ 200 million (equivalent to € 177 million). Apple and does not comment on the report, but it is obvious that Autonomous vehicles require significant investments that could lead to profitability in the future.

As a reminder, earlier this year, Apple has cut 200 employees from the program of Autonomous driving and a spokesman told CNBC: “we Have an incredibly talented team working on Autonomous systems and related technologies at Apple. We continue to believe that Autonomous systems have a huge potential that Apple has a unique opportunity to contribute. This is the most ambitious project.”

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