That Apple is working on a new and promising technology MicroLED became known a few years ago. In March of this year, the media reported that the U.S. company plans not only to develop MicroOLED-matrix, but also to engage in their production. For these purposes we have even opened a secret plant in California. Recently, representatives from Apple met with display supplier Auo, which now owns the technology and has MiniLED first developed by MicroLED display.

Analysts believe that this meeting may indicate that in the next few years Apple will completely switch to MicroOLED. There are several reasons for this:

  • The company will no longer depend on Samsung and other key suppliers.
  • Thanks to our own production, Apple will be able to more accurately control the process of calibration and setup displays.
  • If the Corporation will become the first manufacturer to released to mass market the device on an exclusive technology, it will be an undeniable advantage over competitors.

Recall that the microLED has a number of advantages over OLED higher the contrast, brightness, depth of black, improved responsiveness and reduced power consumption. Moreover, such a display will make the device thinner and more compact thanks to special technology. In addition, MicroOLED-matrix is not susceptible to fading.

There is speculation that the debut of the first Apple Watch with a new type of displays will take place in 2020. Apparently, Apple will first test the technology on the screens of their smart watches, as was the case with OLED panels.

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