Bloomberg, citing informed sources reported that Apple is interested in podcasts. In particular, the management of Apple company is planning to develop the direction of podkatov. The exact strategy is not yet generated. However, it is likely that Apple will buy exclusive rights to the original podcasts.

At the moment Apple is one of the biggest players in the podcast market. According to experts, due to its Podcasts app cupertinos takes about 50-70% of the market. However, recently there has been a growing interest in talk shows and content creators are increasingly moving to other platforms with exclusive access. Apparently, Apple this situation does not like. So now in Cupertino are working on different strategies.

It should be noted that Apple launched the Podcasts app still 14 years ago in 2005. Whereas for a long time cupertinos made no efforts to monetize the service. Some believe it was due to the fact that, after the initial surge of user interest in podcasts has been falling for several years. Now the demand for talk shows is growing again.


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