Apple started an investigation against Taiwanese contractor Quanta Computer, a suspect in the illegal employment of students during Assembly of the Apple Watch. This is with reference to the representative of the company according to Financial Times.

The investigation began after the Hong Kong human rights organization Sacom reported that a contractor Apple made dozens of interns to work at the company in the Chinese city of Chongqing. There, according to rights activists, students collected Apple devices 12 hours a day with one day off per week, which is prohibited by local laws.

Students used for their specialty, but simply forced to work “like robots” on the Assembly line, say human rights activists. Some teachers threatened to problems with obtaining of the diploma in case of refusal to work in the company of Apple contractor. An Apple spokesperson told the publication that the company “is conducting an urgent investigation… and in the case of confirmation of violations will apply strong measures of influence on violators of the laws.”

This is not the first such accusations against Apple. In the fall of 2017 FT with reference to the students of the school of urban rail transportation in Zhengzhou reported that in the fall they had 11 hours a day to collect iPnone X at a local Foxconn factory. The students were told that the school sent them to a group of 3,000 people for the three-month practice at the factory of Apple supplier. This is explained by the need to get there “experience” to finish school, even though the work had nothing to do with the education of students.

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