As expected, Apple unveiled iOS 13 directly from the scene of the conference for developers WWDC 2019, allowing the first glimpse of the new operating system for iPhones. As said senior Vice President for software development of the company Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi), iOS 13 is the “new major release for iOS”, and there will be many improvements of the operating system.

The main among them is a new (and long awaited) dark mode, improved performance and additional changes.

Improved performance

“Apple” this year, attaches great importance to improve the characteristics, especially older devices. So it was last year with the updated iOS 12. It is hoped that the company learned the lessons of the past when a new iOS version slowed down the work phone, though we’ll have to wait for the arrival of iOS 13 on the market, and only then will we know whether “Apple” to succeed at the second attempt.

The company promises that such things as Face ID will work 30% faster, so that applications in iOS 13 will run twice as fast.

Dark mode

This is probably the most welcome change, and the biggest visual update to iOS since iOS 7, which was used in the current design. iOS 13 offers a true dark mode for the entire system.

It support all apps, “Apple”, and even notifications and a dock equipped with a new, dark shades.

New keyboard

Apple for many years offered in iOS support for foreign keyboards. And now it has updated its own keyboard, adding a new feature. It is familiar to anyone who uses SwiftKey, Swype or Gboard. The company calls this keyboard “Quick Path” and it allows you to easily type with one hand by swiping your finger across the desired letters. This is not a very major update, but it’s nice to see Apple finally keeps pace with the times.


This update is long overdue, and overdue. The company completely redesigned reminders app in iOS 13, adding new options for sorting tasks, such as “Today”, “Scheduled” and “All”. And she completely changed its appearance. Apple has also used here, the elements of artificial intelligence: you print, and Reminders automatically offer you a time when to be reminded. And you can mark the contacts, and a reminder will appear in the moment when you open a conversation with that person.

Gone strange, like paper texture, which was an integral feature of the design of the old stomachno iOS from the beginning.

Updates email Apple, Notes, and Safari

Apple also fiddled a lot with some of the key apps in iOS 13. Email “Apple” will receive the new formatting of the desktop. Safari (Safari) will have a predictive URL bar, and Notes a new kind of gallery to you can look at all your records.

Card Apple

The company completely redesigned in iOS 13 your Maps. She States that the application date one hundred percent. There’s a new, more comprehensive data and new mode, which is essentially… the usual panoramic view of the streets as “Google”. The new card initially will be available in selective cities and States, and by the end of 2019 will be available throughout the United States. In 2020, will appear and foreign cards.

Privacy policy

As expected, the presentation has paid great attention to privacy. Now you can give the app your location data only once, and then it will not be able to constantly determine your location when you use it.

Apple also launched a new login function in the app Sign in with the Apple. It will be available to developers at the entrance to apps and services. The user can enter the Face ID and create a new account for the service, “without disclosing personal information.”

Accounts Apple will also be able to automatically create a new private email address for applications that are forwarded to your real message. This will prevent apps to access your email and bombard you with spam.

Pictures profiles, messengers

iOS will get pictures of the profiles in the style of “Votsap” (WhatsApp) and Facebook, and will display names, allowing users to share their names and photos with other users of “Communications”. In other words, your phone book will now be similar to the product showcase, where all contacts will be matching names and photos.

And of course, you will be able to use as a profile picture, your Mamaji. To do this, Apple will add a bunch of options to configure, Mamaji and will give you the opportunity to use your Emoji as a sticker Messages. These fonts can be used as emoticons in the apps like “Mail”, and even in other applications, such as “Vichat” (WeChat).

New photo editing tools and videos

Apple will add to iOS a new editorial interface for photos and video (for video first). You can change your content brightness, lighting effects, shadows, contrast, saturation, white balance, image sharpness, resolution, vignettes, and to reduce noise. As for the video, you will now be able to turn it directly on the device.

The Photos app using the built-in intelligent machine learning technologies will remove from your library replays and different garbage like unnecessary screenshots.

Find my
Old app “Find my friends” and “Find my iPhone” will merge into a single application that will be called just “Find mine.” The new app will deliver all the functions of tracking “Apple” in one place, and it will allow you to find devices that you disconnected from the Internet. You will just send a signal via Bluetooth (Bluetooth) to other devices “Apple”, and it will eventually come back to you. (All this will be encoded and should not affect data usage, battery life and privacy).

External storage device

Finally, iOS can copy files from SD cards and flash drives with USB, and send them to the app “Files”.

iOS 13 can be installed on iPhones starting with the iPhone 6S. This means that the users of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 with no luck.

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