Last year, Apple dramatically changed the appearance of their smartphones: they have lost the Home button and acquired a distinctive cutout at the top of the screen. However, if to judge one of the patents Apple company, engineers are already thinking on the following changes.

According to available data, in the future cupertinos can abandon the “bangs” on the iPhone screen, replacing it with a small dot. Judging by the illustrations in the patent, the latter will be located in one of the corners of the screen. In this area will be to hide the front camera and other sensors.

On screen the new cut should look like a black dot. However, it is difficult to say how convenient would be such a decision. It is possible that the users will get used to it much longer than to the unloved by many “bangs”.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the first company that plans to change the usual “Bang”, replacing it with something more compact. If you believe the rumors, then such experiments have been carried out by ASUS and Samsung.


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