Moscow, November 7 — “News. Economy” the Apple Smartphones are becoming more expensive, and their features and capabilities do not make them unique among competitors. In India, the forecast drop in sales will make up about 25%.

Expected in the current quarter is expected to decline in sales of smartphones iPhone in India, despite the imminent start of the Christmas season.

Director of scientific research of the analytical company Counterpoint Research, Neil Shah, said that in the fourth quarter of 2018 in India will be sold from 700 to 800 thousand mobile devices of Apple. Over the same period of last year sold about 1 million devices. Thus, the drop in sales will be around 25%.

More than half of sales come from the cheaper old model. But even in the premium segment to Apple in the third quarter gave way to the competitors — South Korea’s Samsung and the Chinese OnePlus.

Sales of desktops and high cost of new smartphones would be the Apple revenue of $2 billion in India, which is two times more than the OnePlus. However, these researchers say that the gap will decrease rapidly.

Neil Shah explains that the iPhone will become increasingly expensive, while their characteristics do not strongly distinguish the gadgets from Android devices. The user base of competitors continues to grow, but the iPhone attracts the people of India less.

Apple CEO Tim cook said that the company considers the markets of Russia, India, Brazil and Turkey weak. American entrepreneur disappointing sales in these regions, reports Reuters.

In conversation with the press, cook said that sales of Apple technology in India cook called pretty disappointing. “Obviously, we hoped for more growth,” said CEO of the company.

Cook also said that for the first fiscal quarter (coinciding with the period of the Christmas sales) Apple is counting on 89-93 billion in revenue worldwide.

Recall that, according to the report for the financial quarter, Apple’s revenue was $62.9 billion (growth of 20%) for a profit of $14.1 billion Despite the commercial success, sales of the iPhone, the main Apple product has barely grown for a year (0,45%).

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