Apple is going to release its first folding smartphone, rumors of which appeared in 2011. Since then, the American company received five patents for various technologies that will be used in it.

On Friday, September 13, it became known that Apple has filed its rights to new development in the segment of foldable smartphones. In recent times the reports of this iPhone appeared in January 2017.

So, to the list of patented parts, the company added proprietary flexible display, a hinge, a control circuit, the system compression of the flexible display and sensors of compression and power.

Judging by the broken silence, Apple is seriously thinking about the speedy release of their foldable gadget, especially after successful market introduction Galaxy Fold.

Previously the American company presented a range of its latest iPhone 11. All were presented three smartphones, the cost starts from $699. And in July it became known that next year Apple will release an iPad with a flexible display. Details about how it will look in the model yet, because it remains anyone’s guess if she’ll get folding in half or a large display will be similar to a laptop.

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