Facial recognition will come to a new level.

Apple has patented technology that allows to equip with the function of face recognition Face ID ability to define the veins on the man’s face. Due to new developments Face ID will be able to more accurately identify faces of users to distinguish the twins and to protect the face recognition function from the deception of high-precision masks.

According to the idea of Apple in the camera system TrueDepth in the next generation of iPhones can be integrated with additional infrared sensor. He will get an image of veins of the user’s face. After that, the processor of the smartphone will map the veins in the user’s face and use it to determine the owner.

The new development will allow Apple to significantly improve Face ID. First and foremost, the function will work more precisely and stably, since the face recognition will be performed on two levels. Also, the innovation will give the opportunity for Face ID to recognize the twins. The current version of Face ID may not work with twins, what Apple officially warns. Finally, the scanning of the veins on the face will eliminate the possibility of deception Face ID with the help of high-precision masks. However, the real cases of the use of such masks to bypass the protection system has not been fixed.

Many Apple patents don’t find the implementation in real products. However, in the case of this patent, there is a high probability that the improvement in Face ID still happen. Earlier leading insiders said that in the 11 iPhone and iPhone 11 Max in face detection will be made noticeable innovations.

Source: AI.com.


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