To change the design and interface.

Apple is working on improving the iCloud service, in particular, its web version. The company plans to update the web version of iCloud, following the redesign of the website and expanding its functionality. About the plans of Apple announced the publication of the Siver Times, citing its own sources, and a new vacancy in the company.

According to insiders, Apple has already started work on a major update to the web version of iCloud. The company intends to update the service a more modern design and user-friendly interface. Further confirmation of Apple’s plans is a new vacancy to the company. Apple is seeking an experienced professional to create the UI for iCloud.

The upcoming changes will affect the heaviest users of computers running Windows. It is expected that the set of opportunities will expand, and the use of web apps for iCloud will be more convenient. When it happens the launch of a new version of iCloud at the moment is unknown.

It is possible that the user will see the first changes in September, after the release of the final version of iOS 12.


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