Judging by the list of vacancies published on the website of Apple, the cupertinos plans to take over the processing of iCloud, more specifically the web version of this service. It is assumed that Apple wants to change not only the look but also add a number of new features.

At the moment, the cupertinos are looking for a designer who can do processing interface iCloud. The company puts high demands not less than five years of experience in development interfaces, in-depth knowledge in the development and design of iOS and macOS, as well as extensive knowledge and experience with various graphic editors.

According to sources The Siver Times, the cupertinos have already started working on a new version of iCloud. However, Apple wants a few to strengthen the team, and therefore opened a new vacancy.

It is expected that with the web version of the service will also be updated and the app iCloud for Windows. However, when the cupertinos will release an update that now remains a mystery.


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