The main “feature” of the case remain.

In the near future Apple will release a series of new “humpback” cases-batteries for the iPhone. The design of the covers will be slightly redesigned, but the main feature, a bulging battery, will continue. On Apple’s plans to launch new cases indicated a fresh leak of the final version of iOS 12.1.1.

In iOS 12.1.1 it was discovered the image of the new case-battery for iPhone. As the acclaimed previous model, the new case has a “hump” on the back surface. Such non-standard way Apple locates in the battery case that allows iPhone to work longer without recharging.

When Apple released the first model of the “humpback” cover Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6s accessory was the cause of criticism and even ridicule in the direction of the company. Not all appreciated the unusual design of the Apple. However, judging by the fact that Apple is preparing to release a new model of Smart Battery Case, the company is quite happy with the covers of this type.

According to a leak from the code, new cell Smart Battery Case will be released for the latest iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR. But it is possible that Apple is planning to release a similar updated cases and other iPhone models.

Source: 9to5Mac.


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