According to recent reports, Apple is experiencing a big problem in China. Analysts say that sales of Apple devices has declined significantly. However, Apple is already working on a different exit strategy from the crisis. According to the French resource iGeneration, cupertinos can release a special version of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max specifically for the Chinese market.

The main feature of the novelties will be the color. Devices should come out in a new shade of red. Most likely, the new version of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Max will be released as part of the program (PRODUCT)RED™.

According to information posted to popular Chinese social network Weibo, the new devices are created with a single purpose – to stimulate sales of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max in China. With high probability Apple will choose for the new versions of iPhone as a bright shade of red.

Recall that in the past to boost sales of iPhone in China, the cupertinos have already reduced the prices of their products. However, the new colors can stimulate the sales even more. Especially considering the fact that in China the color red is very popular.


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