Apple appealed to the US authorities for permission to test unmanned aerial vehicles. About it reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation. Appropriate permission would significantly expand the powers of the company when interacting with drones, regardless of plans for their use.

Participation in the program stipulates the right of registered persons to launch unmanned aerial vehicles at night, over the people, as well as outside the zone of action of devices of tracking the movements of drones. The United States government goes to meet companies interested in testing drones, hoping that in the future these tests will have a positive impact on their development.

Permission to test drones does not mean that Cupertino is working on its own drone. It is much more likely that Apple is planning to organize the delivery of branded products to buyers through the air. This method of delivery will reduce the time interval between the payment order and its receiving and also saves the company from having to pay courier services.

In the process of the publication it turned out that using drones Apple hopes to improve the accuracy of the proprietary map service. This information was confirmed by the press service of the company.


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