Apple products have lately become less popular in the PRC. According to the research of Prophet, in the ranking of brands in China Apple a year dropped from 11 th to 24 th place, according to the Astera portal.

One of the reasons for this decline — trade war unleashed between China and the United States. Local consumers have begun to explicitly give preference to Chinese manufacturers. Their gadgets, according to many users, are more advanced than us.

Ranking of brands published by the Prophet, is based on data obtained as a result of the consumer survey. It was attended by 13 500 residents of the largest cities in the country. They answered questions about their preferences and about which brands they consider relevant. Based on the obtained data formed a list of the 50 most relevant for Chinese consumer brands. Last year, Apple was the 11th in this lost 13 positions.

In the top ten mainly located Chinese brands. “Foreigners” in the top 10 just three: Android in third place, Intel — 9-m Audi on the 10th. Last year place the Apple — the 11th — ranked cosmetic company Shiseido.

About how Apple has lost its leadership position in the mobile industry, and burst forward new IT corporations from China, read the article “Profile”.

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