Apple learned from the iPhone X and perfectly prepared.

Apple has successfully completed the certification of suppliers of key components for all three new iPhone, scheduled for presentation in September. The company is fully ready to launch mass production of smartphones. Apple’s suppliers are not faced with any serious problems, so the release of iPhone 9, iPhone 11 , and iPhone the 11 Plus will take place without delay. It is reported Taiwanese edition EDN citing reliable sources from the supply chain of Apple.

All the main component suppliers for iPhone sample of 2018 began to supply a large number of components to the factories of the company Foxconn, which assembles most of the smartphones. Increased activity is seen in other collector, the company Pegatron.

According to the published data, Foxconn will be the main assembler of the iPhone in 2018. The company will collect 75% of all 6.1-inch iPhone 9 and 90% of all 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Plus. Experts call it a good sign, since Foxconn is not the first year is a major iPhone assembler. No massive problems with the build quality of previous iPhones have been identified.

The readiness of the manufacturing partners of Apple to start production of the new iPhone indicates that new items will be released without delay. Last year Apple suppliers are having difficulty making the flagship iPhone X came out later than usual and not in large quantities. Smartphone for a long time was in short supply.

Source: MR.


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