In the past, the network has repeatedly appeared information about the fact that Apple is interested in purchasing a modem of Intel’s business. To date, sources reported conflicting information. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, talks between Apple and Intel entered a decisive phase.

Recall that immediately after entering into a settlement agreement with Qualcomm sources reported about the termination of negotiations between the parties. However, little more than a month ago, the publication of The Information shared other information, saying that the parties continue to discuss a possible deal.

Today the Wall Street Journal noted that Apple is interested in buying a modem of Intel’s business. The agreement may be concluded next week. According to preliminary estimates, the transaction amount is more than $ 1 billion.

According to earlier reports, in the case of a transaction Apple will get the rights to some patents and development of Intel. In addition, the state Apple company will be replenished with several hundred qualified employees, who were engaged in the development of modems in the German office of Intel.


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