Today, many large companies are willing to pay for their products shortcomings and vulnerabilities, and Apple is no exception. In 2016 cupertinos started a similar program. However, initially, it only applied to iOS, and the maximum payment reached $ 200,000. This year Apple decided to adjust the conditions, increasing the reward to $ 1,000,000.

According to the latest data, for the critical vulnerability in the code of their operating systems cupertinos willing to pay up to one million dollars. While Apple may pay an additional bonus for efficiency. The amount of bonus can reach 50% of the amount of remuneration. Thus, in General, users can get 1 500 000$.

Most expensive Apple evaluates the vulnerability of “zero day”, which can be used to retrieve the data kernel iOS. However, the cupertinos are willing to pay substantial remuneration and other finds. For example, a vulnerability that will allow to access to the iOS kernel, the company will pay $ 250,000 for a working way to bypass the lock screen – $ 100,000 and the same for unauthorized access to iCloud data on Apple servers.

More details about the new conditions can be found on a special page for developers on Apple’s official website.


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