Apple held a special event “Gather Round” (“here”) in the theatre of Steve jobs (Cupertino, California), during which the company presented three new models of the iPhone, and made a tempting “ecological” offer to owners of old models to pay them the cost of recycling gadgets.
Thus, in accordance with the GiveBack program, is Apple willing to pay $ 525 for the iPhone X in good condition, and also for older models with different injuries — but, however, is much less. You have to fill in a special questionnaire to determine the compliance status of the gadget with the requirements of the terms of compensation. Moreover, the company will pay for the disposal of “foreign” products, in particular, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and a number of others.

The goal of Apple is simple and clear — to extract rare earth metals from used gadgets is much easier than from the Earth. The participants of the program GiveBack rid of unnecessary (and very problematic) e-waste and get paid for it.

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