But the company is unlikely to enjoy.

Apple is considering a full migration of the production of iPhone from China, according to Bloomberg. According to proven sources, Apple will bring production of its smartphones from China in the case if tariffs on imports from the USA will rise to 25%. On the increase of fees demanded by the President of the United States Donald trump.

According to sources Bloomberg, Apple’s suppliers are already discussing the issue of moving the production of iPhone from China. The need for this may arise from the probable increase in tariffs on imports from the United States, which plans to enter the administration of President Donald trump. The sources note that Apple is not going to make any hasty actions and will continue to monitor the situation.

Previously, Donald trump said that consumers “can easily withstand the increase in fees”, which increases of smartphones, tablets and laptops American manufacturers. However, economists, analysts and Apple itself with this totally disagree. Market observers fear serious economic problems for the entire IT industry in case of further deterioration of trade relations between the US and China.

According to experts Bloomberg, Apple may shift production of the iPhone to another country, such as India. But this task will be extremely difficult, as in the production chain of the company there are hundreds of manufacturers, most of whom are based in Shenzhen. Some of these manufacturers put very small components, but without them the supply chain of Apple will not work.

Source: Bloomberg.


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