Today the patent office of Hong Kong has granted Apple the right to own the patent, which basically describes released last year’s MacBook Air. Given that the company has applied for a patent at the end of October 2018, it can be concluded that now the company will finally be able to punish unscrupulous manufacturers who will want to copy the design of the “air” laptop from Apple.

But it is worth noting that unlike “patent applications” that provide the audience with a full presentation with all the details of the invention, that the Hong Kong office has granted Apple, confined to providing the public with patent data — no word on additional specs, especially related to the design, does not pass in the public field.

Interestingly, despite the fact that Apple owns the rights to the appearance of their devices, she almost never uses this right in court. There were cases when the company sued Samsung for copying the look and feel of the iPhone, but in the end, the incident that was hushed up, despite the fact that the original Korean giant was ordered to pay more than $ 1 billion. So this time, most likely, hardly anyone will judge even outright theft of the appearance of notebooks from Apple.

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