Over the past five years, Apple has invested heavily in projects related to green energy. At the moment, renewable sources feed data centers, retail stores and offices. Moreover, according to the latest report solar energy Association (SEIA), Apple came in first place in the United States according to the available capacity for solar energy production.

Representatives of the SEIA noted that previous technology companies have never headed a rating of manufacturers of solar energy. According to experts of the Association at the moment, the installed capacity for solar energy production, which is owned by Apple (including local and remote sites), is 393 MW.

It should be noted that, formally, in the past, the rating SEIA has led the technology company. We are talking about Amazon, which had dominated last year’s list. However, in the study the Association of solar energy it is categorized as retail retailers.

This year Amazon has an aggregate installed capacity for solar energy production in the amount of 329,8 MW and is in third place company Target, which operates one of the largest U.S. chain of retail stores — 242,4 MW.


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