Apple is developing a smartphone, the screen of which is wraps the device on all sides — this is according to the patent, a registered brand. It is known that the “iPhone of the future” will get the recognition sensors to observe on which side the user’s gaze, and will have an all-glass housing.

Need more display

Apple is secretly developing a device that will have the screen turning the gadget from all sides. Reported by Business Insider, citing a patent registered in the patent and trademark office.

If this iPhone will ever see the light of day (its development is not officially confirmed by the company and is in the process of filing a patent), its distinguishing feature will be a display covering the device front and rear and on the sides. The body of the gadget will be completely made of glass.

#Apple Has A Patent For iPhone With Wraparound Displays— Lowyat.NET (@LowyatNET) on 4 November 2019

It is reported that the screen will be equipped with numerous sensors that can detect the position of the user’s eyes to see which way he looks at the device.

“There is a need for an improved form factor for portable devices that will allow you to extend its functionality on all surfaces,” reads Apple’s patent application.

The company also added that “looking for ways to maximize the utility of unused areas of memory”.

As follows from the information on the website of the patent office, Apple is trying to create a similar device in 2011 — on the eve of the release of the iPhone 6, but to no avail.

Interest re-submitted in October an application for a patent of a smartphone with a “ubiquitous” screens add to the rumors that the conditional iPhone 12, which presumably will be presented in September 2020, will get a completely updated design. In addition, Apple’s competitors in the face of Samsung and Huawei are not asleep, and already experiment with exotic form factors to attract a new audience.

If cupertinos want to keep up the pace and compete, sooner or later they too will have to go for experiments.

In addition, a phone that literally wrapped in the screen, is not something fantastic — this year, Xiaomi introduced the Mi gadget Mix Alpha, which looks similar to the diagram from the patent application Apple.

Eh sì, lo abbiamo fatto per primi in Italia abbiamo visto da vicino (per davvero!) Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, uno dei più interessanti e promettenti del smartphone 2020! Foto e video anteprima italiana!E voi lo comprereste? #xiaomi #mimixalpha #XiaomiMiMixAlpha— Notebook Italia (@notebookitalia) October 31, 2019.

This smartphone is almost completely “covered” display with the exception of a narrow strip, which is built into the camera. The first 500 of these gadgets will be released in December. In this case the starting price, according to the manufacturer, is $2800. However, as can be seen from at portal Gizmochina, in October this year on the website this device can be pre-order at a price of $139 thousand, apparently the sellers wanted to play the exclusive gadget. However, it is unlikely that Mi Mix Alpha will ever become a mass device even with a $2800 is aware and the leadership of Xiaomi, which considers “alpha” is more a concept smartphone.

To spur sales

According to statistics published on the website of the analytical company Canalys, the sales volume for the third quarter of 2019, Apple takes third place in the list of smartphone manufacturers. Thus “Apple” is the only company from the first three, which showed a drop compared to the same period last year, the number of products sold decreased by 7%. The total share of Apple in the global smartphone market amounted to 12.3% (vs 22.4% of the Samsung and 19% have Huawei).

As noted Canalys analyst Vincent Tilke, iPhone 11 has received positive feedback, and enhanced camera and battery, which, coupled with the relatively low iPhone XR price was a pleasant surprise for buyers. However, in the current line of Apple device support 5G, which the company may lag behind competitors in the early 2020. According to Tilke, Apple will have to do it differently to keep the volume of sales in the first quarter of next year.

It is not excluded that one of the steps towards “alternative” among the competitors will be the emergence of a new form factor for the iPhone.

However, to rely only on form factor is not worth it — this year Samsung released Galaxy gadget foldable Fold, which attracted a lot of attention from journalists and reviewers, but this has brought us a lot of problems. Immediately after the start of testing of the new smartphone appeared information about the fact that bendable display is broken in the hands of just a few hours after use.

This led to the fact that the initial release date of the gadget was postponed several times and has finally released the device in September. It is noted that to make a truly robust folding gadget from Samsung and did not work — the crash tests showed disappointing results. In this case, the desire of Apple to delay the announcement of the “iPhone of the future” it is better to wait another year or two, but make sure that your smartphone complies with all the applicable market rules.

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