A few months ago Apple introduced their new service called Apple TV+. It is expected that it will be launched later this year and will offer users a lot of original content. However, while the cupertinos mostly filmed TV series. But if you believe the network sources, Apple is planning to shift some vector and start shooting feature films.

It is noteworthy that the sources of desire the Apple company is not just to remove a few feature films. In the Apple to plan with them the award “Oscar”. At the same time on six feature films, the company wants to allocate from 5 to 30 million dollars – a very small budget.

Sources say that now the work on this ambitious project are at the initial stage and cupertinos only form a team. For this reason, no details about future films yet.

Experts do not exclude that Apple is targeting the “Oscar” after the success of the film Roma, which created the popular service Netflix.


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