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Apple publishes “the Best in 2018” — a selection of the top of the charts in Russia and in the world as well as editor’s choice of new products from each category: apps, games, music, podcasts, movies, etc. the Rating section is traditionally headed by free apps, paid part of the most popular applications for photo editing, sports and other useful software.

App Store

Global trend this year in the games are multiplayer battles in real-time genre “battle Royal”, such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. And among the applications the trend for innovative programs such Fabulous Shine, 10% Happier and Headspace that improve our quality of life, allowing you to more easily care for themselves.

Best app of the year

The trend in applications — self-care

The trend in games — battles in the genre “battle Royal”

App for iPhone Procreate Pocket game of the year for iPhone — Donut County App for iPad — Froggipedia game of the year for iPad — Gorogoa App year for the Mac Pro Pixelmator game of the year for Mac — The Gardens Between App for Apple TV — Sweat the game of the year for Apple TV — Alto’s Odyssey

Top free apps for iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger Instagram VK Sberbank Online YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Telegram Messenger Yandex.Taxi Joom Pandao — buy profitable public Services

Apple Music

Summing up the year, Apple Music editors noted artists that really deserve to be among the best in 2018. Version of the world edition Apple Music musician of the year was the canadian rapper Drake. Album of the year was recognized as album of country music singer kacey Musgraves the “Golden Hour”, a collaboration of Cardi B, J. Balvin and Bad Bunny helped easily identify the track, 2018 — “I Like It”. The breakthrough of the year was the American rap artist Juice WRLD. Edition Apple Music in Russia are also summed up their results: best longplay album named “E. G. O.” Jah Khalib, a major hit in 2018 was the track LJ “Minimal”.

The best music in 2018

Artist of the year: Drake’s Breakthrough of the year: Juice WRLD Track of the year: “I Like It” — B Cardi featuring Bad Bunny & J. Balvin’s Album “Golden Hour” — Kacey Musgraves Track of the year in Russia: “Minimal” — LJ album of the year: “E. G. O.” — Jah Khalib


This year, users of the app “Podcasts” was most interested in how to spend money, what to read and how to solve their problems in life. In this they were helped by podcast edition of “Medusa”: “Two for the price of one”, “Book Bazaar” and “How to live”. For questions about technology, gadgets and games podcast answered “BeardyCast” and “Not brought” to questions about politics — podcast of the Carnegie Moscow Center, and questions on literature, art, history and other humanitarian Sciences — educational podcast project Arzamas. Responsible for the entertainment was podcasts “Show Kirill Skobelev”, “KuJi Podcast” and “Blitz and Chips”.

The best podcasts of 2018 in Russia:

Two for the price of one BeardyCast Book Bazaar How to live Arzamas Show Kirill Skobelev KuJi Podcast Podcast Carnegie Moscow Center has Not brought the Blitz and Chips


The main characters of the movies kinogoda outgoing personality strong and independent — not afraid to choose their own path and sometimes to go against everyone. And it is not necessary to be a superhero or a secret agent to change the world around them. Watch as it makes Japanese boy who went in search of a best friend, talented and hard skater, a mother who avenges her child, and romantic graduate of the school, not afraid to start a new life in the big city.

The best films in 2018 in the Russian iTunes:

Lady bird Isle of dogs Three Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri Mission: impossible-the consequences of the Avengers: infinity War adventures of Paddington 2 Ice Tonya against all the heart of the world Sobibor

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