Today several sources have reported that Apple is discussing with major developers and publishers the opportunity to implement a new distribution model for mobile games.

Now most developers prefer model called Free-to-play, as it could potentially bring in more money. The main feature of such projects is the built-in shop for real money and various promotional inserts.

However, on the virtual shelves of Apple’s app store remains just a lot of paid games and programs. It is the adherents of the paid model and designed a new initiative by Apple. According to sources, cupertinos plans to introduce a subscription service for games. For this the company can create a new service – a kind of Netflix of gaming. It is expected that it will help in the promotion of major and popular games, such as Alto’s Odyssey and Monument Valley.

It is worth noting that some link the new information with the rumors about the imminent release of the seventh generation iPod touch. It is assumed that the new player will be the most simple and affordable device that will allow users to start exploring the Apple ecosystem.


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