Yesterday it became known that in the first quarter of 2019 fiscal year Apple’s revenue in China declined 27%. In fact, many users were less likely to pay attention to Apple products, giving preference to competitive products. The journalists of The Wall Street Journal tried to find out from former Apple employees why such a situation could even arise, and how the company can get out of it.

According to the former Director of Apple retail in Asia Carl Smith, the company is too slow adapts to the Chinese market. Cupertinos just can’t give users the features and functions that they need. Companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi on the contrary, very clearly understand what the average Chinese consumer. For this reason, the sale of their devices is constantly growing.

Similar view is shared by former employee of Department of sales of Apple in China, Veronica Wu. She noted that the cupertinos too late to introduce important for Chinese consumers function. For example, Apple added to iPhone support a second SIM-card only last year. With the big delay has been added and a QR code scanner.

In the end, to regain lost ground, Apple need to learn much faster to respond to the constantly changing conditions of highly competitive market.


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