Apple engineers are working on various methods of image processing to reduce distortion of panoramic images for virtual reality headsets. It is reported by AppleInsider.

The principle of operation of the system described in the patent application “data Processing on equal objects to compensate for the distortion in the spherical projections”, filed February 15, 2017 and recently published on the website of the US Patent office.

According to the notes to the document, the videos are created so that the object or scene is covered from several points of view. This can be used, for example, different cameras aimed at the same place, and a spherical camera, which can record video in all directions. For portable video or images that require a change of the point of view of the camera and its position, the image can contain a lot of additional data that will be useful for further processing.

This technology will allow people to record video using cameras equipped with several lenses and having 360 degrees. This is useful to those who create content for virtual reality.

According to rumors, Apple has long been working on creating its own VR headset and gets more and more patents related to this area. Perhaps a helmet or virtual reality glasses, released by the Corporation Tim cook will appear in the near future.


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