Apple became the object of hatred in China — its disliked if not all the people of this country, almost everything. As it became known, companies from various spheres have begun to penalize and dismiss employees if they are already using or planning to buy Apple equipment.

Apple itself is to blame — first, tears up prices, secondly, bungles with the quality, and thirdly, she’s from America, and America is the main enemy of China. People in China began to subsidize the purchase of gadgets Huawei and ZTE, but if the purchase is made, the award will not take long. And there is also the case in the confrontation between the two countries trump configures the whole world is against these companies, but the Chinese market is still the largest, so if Apple loses, that money will have a big problem.

Apple itself has not commented on what is happening — instead, it produces curves firmware for iPhone, disabling communication modules, and sells bent the iPad Pro 2018, about which we wrote earlier. And Yes, in light of the fact that the Chinese disliked her technique on Chinese Bulletin boards will soon be plenty of cheap IPhones. But shipping from China is not very expensive, so the benefit is obvious.

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