The application describes a wearable device in the form of points under the title “Display system having sensors”. It really is located two displays, one for each eye of the user, as well as weight sensors. Among them are not only receiving information about the world, but also the position sensors of the head, eyes, eyebrows, chin and even hands. Judging by the description of the gadget, it will demonstrate to the wearer a three-dimensional image, based on a real picture as his avatar in the virtual world will completely copy the movements and facial expressions of the person. That you’ll be the fundamental difference between Apple’s approach from that of the competition. Anyway, the existing mass of an AR device or application to operate strictly real sequence satisfying the computer model.

The new file is the next link in the chain patented Apple technologies associated with virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality. According to the Verge, the company conducts extensive research and development in this area. Perhaps the closest examples of implementation will be presented this year along with the new iPhone. Despite a lot of opportunities and prospects, both technologies still have not found widespread commercial application. Almost all modern smartphones have a regular application, allowing the camera to overlay three-dimensional objects, but on a temporary indulgence or simple games augmented reality is not yet comes. As with many innovations in the past, Apple could provide a really interesting approach to the commercialization of AR and VR.

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