Group calls earned, but not like before.

Released in early February, the IOS iOS 12.1.4 Apple has fixed a critical error in the group calls to FaceTime, which allows users to listen to. But as it turns out, iOS 12.1.4 did not return full functionality of group calls. In the “fixed” version of FaceTime has become impossible to create a group call out of the ordinary. Before this handy feature was.

12.1.4 iOS users lost the ability to add contacts to your ongoing regular call via FaceTime. The “Add” button is grayed out not allowing to add more call participants in a group call. In previous versions of iOS 12 users can freely add people to the conversation, thus creating a quick group calls.

The only way to start a group call on FaceTime to start the call two or more users. Despite the fact that the difference is small, the users are experiencing problems. Just last night in Apple support with a question about the health of the group calls in iOS 12.1.4 asked more than 20 people.

Support Apple say that the company knows about the problem and try to solve it in the next update. The new firmware iOS 12.2 is currently under testing. The final version of iOS 12.2 is expected in March.

Source: MR.


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