With the inception of App Store, Apple keeps users in a tight rein and did not allow them to change the browser or calendar. This approach is outdated and Apple it’s time to realize it.

It is beneficial to the users

The benefits of these innovations to users is obvious. iOS is a closed operating system, and many, this fact is still confused. Many owners of Apple gadgets prefer the Safari development from Google and Mozilla. Instead of a standard email client want to make maximum use of Spark. And the standard reminder and did so obsolete, that it is unfair to not allow users to change them on the app for doing things by default.

This will be especially useful for those who uses products of other company on their other devices. For example, if a person has a computer in Windows, which he installed Chrome, then I’m sure he would like to use Chrome on the iPhone. Thus, in order for the browser from a third-party developer worked as effectively as built-in.

It is beneficial to the developers

Developers throughout the history of the App Store had an unequal struggle with Apple. The developers of the mail client it is hard to compete with a company whose own e-mail client is sewn into the system so that any e-mail opens only in it.

Some programmers began to build workarounds to come up with all sorts of extensions that help to automatically open links and posts in third-party applications, but not enough. Besides, it complicates life for them and their users who don’t want to find workarounds. And no matter how comfortable was not a Spark, many will abandon him because Mail from Apple is always in the foreground.

It is beneficial to Apple

Oddly enough, but it’s true. Those who now uses the built-in programs, is unlikely to leave Apple. With the small group of people who want to use third-party software, will be most grateful to the Corporation for this opportunity. In addition, the company earns a browser, email client or app for taking notes. Products that bring some benefit, to replace and not necessary. iMessage and Apple Music being a part of the system not to disturb anyone to use third party products like Telegram and Spotify. Therefore, the overbearing Apple in relation to such purely utilitarian applications, such as Mail, annoying.


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