Apple has released iOS 12.1.4, which fixed the bug with Facetime, which gave the ability to eavesdrop on any person without his knowledge. But, as always, everything went according to plan and the update kills the core functions of the iPhone — Apple just can’t do otherwise, she always all through one place.

So, after installing iOS 12.1.4 on your iPhone you should prepare for the fact that the phone will periodically disappear on a cellular network and WI-FI. In some cases, it can “fall off” and SIM — only, because in most of the IPhones, there is still no dual-SIM slot. Some users already updated to iOS 12.1.4, began to complain more and the fall speed of the mobile Internet, frequent freezes of the gadget and protracted restart.

Someone not working voice notes and email. In short, Apple has eliminated one problem, but broke everything that they could. But the phones still are 130 000, despite the fact that the update turns them into bricks. When Steve Jobs this certainly was not. I wonder how many lawsuits will get the Apple then the next facepa, and as soon as the Board of Directors will shift to Tim cook?

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