Google may ban them.

When Apple launched iPhone with revolutionary X-scan function-face Face ID, company executives said that the development of the technology was conducted for five years. Tim cook then said that the Face ID was better than fingerprint scanners in all respects, including if we talk about the built-in display sensors. And it seems that Apple was right — in fingerprint scanner in the display had serious problems.

Google has begun investigation concerning the safe use of a new generation of fingerprint scanners that are built into the display, said reliable sources of the resource Android Police. In Google believe that such fingerprint scanners insecure and vulnerable to hacking.

Leading experts of Google have expressed fears that due to the ease of deception on-screen fingerprint scanner, they cannot be used to protect smartphones, confirm purchases through Google Pay and other tasks. Google currently is conducting additional testing and determined the future of fingerprint scanners of new generation.

If Google decides that the scanners are unsafe, leading manufacturers of Android smartphones will have to dramatically change course. Google simply banned the use of such scanners in smartphones because of the potential threat.

Source: Twitter.


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