Ahead of the autumn conference, Apple launched an advertising campaign in support of Face ID.

Apple launched a new advertising campaign Face ID

A series of new promotional videos published on the YouTube channel of the company. Each of them stresses the usefulness of the Face ID feature on the iPhone X. the Company wants to emphasize that the use of the sensor can not only unlock your phone. Face ID can be used instead of a password for all applications. When to remember passwords are not necessary.

Your face is your password. Apple Face ID!

In the promotional video Apple used the idea with a focus on “Memory” of a person. It often happens that inventing a new password we can quickly forget. And in video, the hero is given a minute to remember my password from the app.

Video made on the example of the game “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The host asks a question: “the Sutra you have created a new password for your online Bank. What’s he like?”. At this time, the hero, tries to remember the password and nothing comes to mind.

As time finishes, you take your Apple iPhone X and looking into it. At this time he receives a response. Sensor unlock face ID automatically saved the password and opens the app.

New videos emphasize that with Face ID you do not need to remember passwords. Your face is your password.

Technology unlock the device using the user’s face was presented last year along with the Apple iPhone X. this year, the company releases three new iPhone 2018, which will be presented in September.


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