The company wants to sell more iPhones XR.

In a recent interview Tim cook did not lie to Apple, though not disappointed with the sales of iPhone XR, but wants to sell more. Today the company launched a totally different advertising campaign to promote the iPhone XR. Apple has begun sending users of old iPhones a personal email with a notification about the possibility of acquiring iPhone XR. In the letters, which differ depending on the model of iPhone user, iPhone the advantages of the XR over the old mobile client.

New email Apple is a direct comparison of the old smartphone users with iPhone XR. For example, owners of iPhone 6 comes a letter, which stated that the iPhone has a larger display XR, three times faster, support Face ID is “less secure” Touch ID, record time, battery life and many other benefits.

Each email includes a link to the page iPhone XR official Apple online store. Thus for American iPhone users, who have the option of buying an iPhone for the trade-in program, Apple immediately indicates the cost of the iPhone XR when selling an old smartphone. For example, for those users of iPhone 6 price new iPhone XR is $549 instead of the regular $749.

Such letters noticed iPhone users from different countries. This suggests that Apple has a new advertising campaign to promote the iPhone XR regardless of the region.

Source: Reddit.


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