While Apple Arcade, which should provide users with access to unique games by subscription, is not available to a wide audience. However, according to sources, some time ago cupertinos began internal testing of the gaming service.

According to reports, the first month of Apple employees can use Apple Arcade for free and then they had to pay 0,49 dollars a month. Exactly how much lasts the test is now known. However, sources say that it should be completed with the release of the final version iOS 13. Then the same will be known and the final subscription price for ordinary users.

At this stage in the Apple Arcade available not a lot of games. Among them are:

  • Way of the Turtle arcade game about the adventures of two curious turtles.
  • Down in Bermuda is a project of the Aviator and her journey across the Atlantic.
  • Hot Lava action in the first person, where the users will all ways try to escape from the scorching lava.

By the time of the launch of Apple Arcade library service needs to significantly expand. During the announcement cupertinos promised that it will include more than a hundred high-quality projects.


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