Shanghai, July 10 /Xinhua/ — the American company Apple /an Apple/ the desire to take advantage of the growing innovative power and an extensive China market on Tuesday opened its first accelerator for design and development in a given country.

A new project located in the new district of Pudong, is aimed to help developers in China to introduce the latest Apple technologies and to spread their applications among its customers worldwide, said in a statement Apple.

Apple stated that this accelerator will serve as a center for Chinese developers and provide individual consultations with a team of Apple, as well as conduct lectures, seminars and pilot activities.

As a second accelerator for design and development of Apple worldwide, Shanghai, the accelerator is more focused on helping developers to improve their products, with the aim to benefit 5,000 people a year, said Apple Vice President and managing Director of the greater China region Isabelle GE Mahe.

“Developers in China leads the world in some of the most popular apps in the App Store, and we are proud to provide them additional support,” — said the head of Apple’s relations with developers in the greater China region Se Anyway.

“From education to health and entertainment, innovation, which we see here, unimaginable, and we can’t wait to see what these talented developers come up with next,” he said.

Chinese developers can boast of a strong innovative capabilities, leading business models, excellent user experience and growing ambitions to go global, said Ms. GE Mahe, adding that the new accelerator is evidence of the desire of Apple to help the Chinese developers.

Since the launch of App Store in China in 2010, developers have earned more than 200 billion yuan /about 29 billion dollars. USA/ due to the sales of the Apple devices to customers around the world. -0-

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